Genesis 5 … Consider His Immutability

Immutability: “the state of being immutable; not mutable; unchangeable; changeless.”

Genesis 5 reminds us that God does not change; His character, His covenant promises, His will and purposes do not change. Genesis 5 also reminds us that Adam was created in God’s likeness and blessed by Him. But because of Adam and Eve’s rebellion, Adam “became the father of a son in his own likeness, according to his image, and named him Seth,” Genesis 5:3.

Sin…it changes everything…except God! Consider His Immutability.

  • Immutable: He is our Creator and the One Who blesses, Genesis 5:2
  • Immutable: He still loves us. “Then Enoch walked with God…” What made Enoch walk with God? I have to believe it was because Enoch loved God. And why did Enoch love God? “We love, because He first loved us,” 1 John 4:19. The Scriptures are clear; Enoch loved God because God loved him first. And then “God took him.” What a love relationship!
  • Immutable: His plan, to bring rest from our work and toil brought on by the curse, had not altered. What He says He will do, He will do!

As we consider His Immutability, how should we respond?

  • Praise Him! He can be trusted because He is always faithful…He is immutable!
  • Acknowledge Him as Creator, the Only One Who blesses, and give Him the glory.
  • Thank Him for His unwavering love, and seek to know and love Him more through His unchanging Word.
  • Follow Enoch’s example and intentionally determine to walk with Him every day.
  • By faith receive His rest; rest from our own efforts to work our way into His presence. “God took Enoch.” Faith will usher us into His presence. Let Him take us there!

Let’s Grow Together!

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