Genesis 1 … Consider His Grandeur

originally posted: 01/01/2019

Consider: “to think carefully about, especially in order to make a decision; contemplate; reflect on.”

Grandeur: “the quality or state of being impressive or awesome, lofty or elevated in conception or treatment, exalted in some deliberate way.”

Consider His Grandeur

  1. “In the beginning God…” God is the Uncaused Cause, without beginning, has always been; He is eternal.
  2. “…God created….” God alone is the Creator; decisive and purposeful in all His creation.
  3. “Then God said…” God speaks and amazing things happen! The whole of the universe is created! He created EVERYTHING out of NOTHING. He needs no assistance, no supplies…He has only to speak, and it is so!
  4. “…and God saw that it was good.” God assessed His creation and it received His stamp of approval. Because God is Good, His creation is also Good.

God is indeed most impressive and awesome! He is beyond our ability to comprehend; He is lofty and elevated, high and lifted up. But He has revealed to us much about Himself; in Genesis 1, we are privileged to see His Grandeur as the Eternal, Creator, All-Powerful, and Good God.

As we consider His Grandeur, how should we respond?

  • Let us bow our knee in humble submission. He alone is the Great and Glorious Creator God.
  • Let us intentionally listen to Him through His Word, that we would always remember amazing things happen when He speaks!
  • Let us worship and obey Him. He alone is Worthy, for He alone is Good.
  • And let us deliberately assess our thoughts and actions according to the Truth of His Word, that He may be exalted in and through our lives.

The more we see Him in His Grandeur, won’t we be moved to respond in humble submission? Oh, may we be intentional to daily seek Him in His Word, that we would hear Him speak! And may we always give Him the worship and obedience He alone is due, that we would daily assess our lives so as to live in a way that is reflective of His Grandeur and daily give Him His rightful and exalted place in our lives.

“He must increase, but I must decrease,” (John 3:30).

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One thought on “Genesis 1 … Consider His Grandeur

  1. My God is so powerful that He spoke the world into existence. I need to trust Him with everything in my life and stop worrying about the mundane and focus my attention on Him.

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