Exodus 8 … Consider the Finger of God

Originally posted: 02/26/2019

Then the magicians said to Pharaoh, “This is the finger of God,” (8:19).

A wobbly toddler has only to reach up and grasp her daddy’s finger to find sure footing. One finger sustains and becomes a harbor of security, for in that one finger is the power to direct her steps and keep her from harm. She knows her daddy, and experience has taught her he is not only able but he is faithful.

When we have come to Christ through faith in His sacrifice for our sins, we too have a Daddy Who is faithful to give us sure footing. He is Our Abba Father, the LORD God Almighty!

Consider the Finger of God

  1. The Finger of God Directs the course of events (8:1-4)

    • As events unfold in the land of Egypt, there is no question Who is at the helm.
      • “The Lord of hosts has sworn saying, ‘Surely, just as I have intended so it has happened, and just as I have planned so it will stand,'” (Isaiah 14:24).
  2. The Finger of God Declares His supremacy over man’s idols (8:5-6)

    • Each plague asserts the LORD’s supremacy over the revered idols of the Egyptians; each plague declares unequivocal judgment over the many gods worshiped.
      • “But our God is in the heavens;
        He does whatever He pleases.
        Their idols are silver and gold,
        The work of man’s hands.
        They have mouths, but they cannot speak;
        They have eyes, but they cannot see;
        They have ears, but they cannot hear;
        They have noses, but they cannot smell;
        They have hands, but they cannot feel;
        They have feet, but they cannot walk;
        They cannot make a sound with their throat.
        Those who make them will become like them,
        Everyone who trusts in them,”
        (Psalm 115:3-8).
  3. The Finger of God Discloses there is none like Him (8:7-14)

    • By a mere lifting of His finger, the LORD makes abundantly clear there is none like Him.
      • “Who is like You among the gods, O Lord?
        Who is like You, majestic in holiness,
        Awesome in praises, working wonders?”
        (Exodus 15:11).
  4. The Finger of God Demonstrates His rule over nature (8:16-17)

    • He is the Omnipotent Creator; all of nature is subject to His commands.
      • “For I know that the Lord is great
        And that our Lord is above all gods.
        Whatever the Lord pleases, He does,
        In heaven and in earth, in the seas and in all deeps,”
        (Psalm 135:5-6).
  5. The Finger of God Determines the extent of influence by the evil one (8:18-19)

    • The magicians mistakenly believed they could compete against the mighty Finger of God, until the LORD immobilized their power.
      • “O Lord, the God of our fathers, are You not God in the heavens? And are You not ruler over all the kingdoms of the nations? Power and might are in Your hand so that no one can stand against You,” (2 Chronicles 20:6).
  6. The Finger of God Distinguishes His people as separate (8:20-24)

    • He sets His people apart as His own possession.
      •  “For you are a holy people to the Lord your God; the Lord your God has chosen you to be a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth,” (Deuteronomy 7:6).
  7. The Finger of God Displays His power (8:25-31)

    • Who but the LORD God Almighty can do such great and mighty deeds?
      • “That men may know from the rising to the setting of the sun
        That there is no one besides Me.
        I am the Lord, and there is no other,
        The One forming light and creating darkness,
        Causing well-being and creating calamity;
        I am the Lord who does all these,”
        (Isaiah 45:6-7).

How do we respond to the Finger of God?

Reach up and take hold by faith. We are His children; He will sustain us and bring us into His harbor of security forever. In the meantime, don’t let go! He is our Abba Father.

“For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. 15 For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, ‘Abba! Father!'” (Romans 8:14-15).

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