Are You Getting Ready?

I’ll be married 33 years this May, and my husband and I enjoy just being together; often I am in my sweats or jammies, no makeup, hair disheveled. And that’s okay; he loves me. But I still like to date my hubby. And when we make a date, I think and plan what I will wear. I take time to put on my makeup and do my hair. I definitely don’t head out the door in my sweats! I love getting ready for him…and I’m quite sure he likes it too!

When I think about time with the Lord as date time, it encourages me to plan and get ready. I want the Lord to know that our time together matters to me and that I put in effort in my preparation to meet Him.

I hope you are looking ahead to a new year and thinking about your dates this year with the King of Kings. What a colossal privilege to be invited into His presence!

Each of us will have our own unique ways to get ready. Think about what will help you foster intimacy with Him. Plan what you will intentionally do to get ready for your 2016 date times.

I shared how I love music to help set the mood. Last year I invested in a good set of headphones to block out the noise as part of my getting ready. I also love to buy new journals for the year. About five years ago I started choosing a color for my journal, pencils and pens. Each year I use that year’s chosen colored pencil to highlight in my Bible. I love seeing the colors in my Bible; like a sweet love song on the radio, it reminds me of the precious moments we’ve spent together over the years.

Pray and ask the Lord to inspire your preparation. I know He will be delighted to help you get ready!

Let’s Grow Together!

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