Three More Days! The Adventure Begins Janaury 1st, 2016!

Join Us at The Planting Place!

Hi! My name is Sande. I am a pastor’s wife, mother, grandmother of one, retired teacher, and child of God. My life is completely blessed and utterly challenging. Life is so very good and likewise difficult. I’ll bet you can say the same!

I live in and enjoy God’s creation, but it’s fallen, marred by sin. I am flawed and very often feel like a failure, weighed down by disappointments and unmet expectations. And I can find myself drowning in dissatisfaction and disillusionments.

That is why I’m desperate! Desperate for my mind to be transformed, for my eyes to see truth, and for my emotions to dwell on whatever is excellent and praiseworthy! And that is why I am desperate for God’s Word. In His Word I am privileged to see Him as He is, and me as I am in Him. And when I see truth, I begin to see clearly.

Maybe because of the way I was raised; maybe because I was almost 29 years old before I met Jesus; maybe because I have so many ingrained habits; or maybe because I am such a painfully slow and forgetful learner; whatever the reason, God has given me a passion for His Word, a plan for our time together, and purpose in recording our encounters. And now He is leading me to share with you. My prayer is that you will be encouraged in your commitment to meet with the Lord daily. The rewards are indescribable!

Over the two dozen years as a pastor’s wife I have met so many beautiful women who love the Lord and desire to grow in Him, but often struggle to make themselves available, or find it difficult to come up with a working plan. If this describes you, then my prayer is this site will support your decision to date your Savior. Please come back tomorrow to learn about the 2016 plan! You can also read more on the “Let’s Get Started” page @

Let’s Grow Together!

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