Don’t Keep Him Waiting!

When I was younger and dating, the “experts” would tell us to always keep our gentleman caller waiting on the first date. (Okay I’m not really that old! I think the term “gentleman caller” went out with “Pride and Prejudice”, but you get the point.)

Aren’t you glad you don’t have to play games with Jesus? There are websites galore with dating advice. But we have the ultimate dating advice, from the very One we are dating. And don’t forget we are really more than His date, we are His Bride, united to Him in faith, and He continually courts us! We will learn everything we need to grow in our love relationship with Him in His Word each day!

So don’t keep Him waiting. Tomorrow, wake up and let Him know you are more than anxious to date Him. Be ready and on time (whatever time you have determined.) I do have friends who prefer to date in the evening due to their schedules. I’m not that disciplined. If I let the morning slip away without meeting the Lord in His Word, I usually fall into bed exhausted without every making time for Him. Over the years, I have found it more doable to set my alarm an hour earlier than staying up an hour later. So your date time should be what you know will best accommodate your needs. You don’t have to do what others do, just do what works best for you and Him!

Here are some things that may help you as you start getting ready:

  • We will begin in Genesis Chapter 1 tomorrow! If you have not done so already, download or print The Three Year Reading Plan. I have included the link to help you…
  • Choose where you are going for your dates…your spot where you will regularly meet, and perhaps set up the night before. Because I am so very easily distracted I have to intentionally make preparations the night before. I have my Bible, pencils and highlighters, reading plan on a clipboard, devotionals, and headphones ready so when I wake up I’m ready to grab my coffee and start our date! If you listen to Pandora and like piano music, try Paul Cardall.
  • Start with prayer. Invite His presence and let Him know how desperate you are to meet Him. Remember He will never stand you up!
  • Don’t always expect feelings. This is a relationship of faith. And besides that, feelings often lie. So if you don’t “feel” every time, that’s okay. He is still there and He will give you just when and what you and your feelings need!
  • Try journaling…this morning I read an answer to prayer I had completely forgotten I prayed way way back… TEN days ago! Yes even ten short days ago, I had journaled a “perhaps” request, and the Lord answered yesterday! I had forgotten I had even asked Him! Once again, in His faithfulness, He strengthened my faith and reminded me how easily I forget. And the tears of joy fell as I realized how very much He loves me, hears me, and answers me!
  • And finally, don’t be hard on yourself if you miss some days. We fall easily, but He is the One Who sustains us. The enemy, the great deceiver and liar, will come at you with his insults of “who do you think you are to take on such an undertaking?” and of “how unworthy you are”. When his lies come, just agree with him on that one, “yes I am unworthy, yes I know in and of myself I cannot do this, that’s why I am depending on Him and His faithfulness!” One of my favorite verses of all time is found in 2 Timothy 2:13:

“If we are faithless, He remains faithful, for He cannot deny Himself.”

I know I am often faithless, but He doesn’t depend on me! He alone is the faithful One, that is Who He is and He will never be anything but! So rest in His faithfulness, not your own. You all are in my prayers.

So, don’t keep Him waiting…and let’s grow together!

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