Three Years of Gratitude… and Blessings for the New Year!

It’s almost 2022! And I am still trying to come to grips with the fact that our three-year journey through every page of His God-Breathed Word has come to an end.

I guess it really is a bit bittersweet…

While I am amazed the task is completed, I must confess there were many days when I felt as though I couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to continue. I am deeply grateful and humbled for God’s Relentless and Amazing Grace.

And, I am also deeply grateful and humbled for the gift God gave me in my amazing husband who so patiently endured and encouraged me along the way. And even with the countless demands of a pastor and his doctorate work, he picked up a lot of slack along these three years. I would never have been able to realize this dream of The Planting Place without his selfless and unconditional love, and his willingness to serve in taking on so much more than his fair share of cooking, grocery shopping, errands, cleaning, laundry and more. Thank you, John Mark. I love you so, and I will never get over the blessing of you!

And there are so many others who have encouraged me along the way. My daughter and her family; my son and his wife; my treasured girlfriends in Georgia and in Florida; my Girls of Grace at my church; my co-laborers in women’s ministry; and those whom I’ve never even met who somehow stumbled onto the site and have commented or sent a note of thanks… to each one of you, thank you. Your support and prayers over the past three years is a forever, cherished gift.

What’s Next?

While I am not sure of what the future holds, the heart and goal of The Planting Place remains ever the same; that through planned and purposeful Bible reading, the Lord would encourage our commitment to meet with the Him daily, to seek to see Him magnified, and to surrender to His spiritual cultivation.

I have come to appreciate the slower pace of the three-year schedule through the Scriptures. For any who are interested, a revised reading plan for 2022, 2023, 2024 is available through the link below (and can also be accessed through the menu tab).
2022, 2023, 2024 Reading Plan

The original posts for each day’s reading will be republished daily. And for any who are so inclined, I ask that you please share with others who may need encouragement for planning their daily time with the Lord.

May the Lord God plant us in His Truth as He plants His Truth in us, that He would be magnified in our lives as we daily give our hearts and minds to Consider Him in every page of His God-Breathed Word.

“He must increase, but I must decrease,” (John 3:30).

Let’s continue to Consider Him and Grow Together!

8 thoughts on “Three Years of Gratitude… and Blessings for the New Year!

  1. Thank you Sandi for giving your readers, especially me, The Planting Place. God surely and divinely guided your hand, your mind and heart, as every word put to print. What a blessing this devotion has been and so glad posts will be republished each day as I have some catching up to do. I know God has great plans and your next initiative will bring a smile to His face.

  2. Thank you for growing me and others with your love of Jesus, wisdom and love of others. Thankful you shared so much of you and your Gift. Love you oodles and always💕

  3. Sanding, I thank God for leading you through these 3 years. Through the Planting Place you encouraged us to “Consder Him”. I have been challenged with each approach to scripture to see Him and all that God is. God the gentle, loving, pursuing God of zgrace and Mercy. I also saw that in His loving kindness, sin must be dealt with. We saw the whole truth! . May we continue to consider Him and grow. Bless you Sande! Thank you for sticking in there when the going was tough. Thank you for challenging me to look up and see HIM!

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